Test your knowledge of diving trivia

Do you know what January 4 is? That’s right, it’s National Trivia Day.

We’ll give you a free pass if you didn’t get that question right. But how many of these 10 diving questions can you answer correctly?

(The answers appear below.)

1. Greg Louganis holds the record for most U.S. national diving titles won, with 47. Who ranks second?

2. Who holds the record for most national titles won by a female diver?

3. Who was the last diver to earn straight 10s on a dive at an Olympic Trials? What was the dive?

4. More than 40 divers have made the U.S. Olympic Team more than once. Of those, only one did not make the team in consecutive Olympiads. Who was the diver?

5. Olympic silver medalists Kelci Bryant and Abby Johnston have a lucky charm, sort of a third member of their synchro team. What is it and what is its name?

6. Which members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team won junior world titles during their days as junior divers?

7. How many 10s did gold medalist David Boudia score in the platform finals at the London 2012 Olympic Games?

8. Pat McCormick (1952 and 1956) and Greg Louganis (1984 and 1988) are the only divers to achieve the impressive Olympic double-double, winning gold on both springboard and platform at consecutive Olympic Games. Three other Americans won both springboard and platform gold medals in a single Olympic Games. Who are they?

9. Who was the last diver to win the individual national titles on 3-meter and platform at the same nationals and what year was it?

10. Louganis and McCormick won back-to-back Olympic gold on both springboard and platform. Three other U.S. divers also won back-to-back Olympic gold on platform. Name them.

1. Troy Dumais, with 36. His most recent title came at the 2012 AT&T National Diving Championships when he won the 3-meter title.
2. Cynthia Potter, with 28
3. Laura Wilkinson received seven 10s on her reverse 3 ½ tuck at the 2008 Trials.
4. Patrick Jeffrey made the Olympic Team in 1988 and 1996
5. A rubber duck named Alfred
6. Chris Colwill (platform, 1999), Troy Dumais (1-meter and 3-meter in 1995 and 1997), and Kristian Ipsen (1-meter in 2010).
7. One, on his reverse 3 ½ tuck.
8. Al White (1924), Pete Desjardins (1928) and Vicki Draves (1948).
9. Justin Dumais won both 3-meter and platform at the 2001 summer nationals.
10. Dorothy Poynton-Hill (1932 and 1936), Sammy Lee (1948 and 1952) and Bob Webster (1960 and 1964).



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