Be Mine Forever: A proposal of Olympic proportions

2012 Olympian Brittany Viola knew she’d see rings when she was in London. The rings are everywhere at the Olympics. But she wasn’t expecting one of the diamond variety, at least not yet.

Brittany and boyfriend Anthony Gonzalez had talked about marriage, but they would not get engaged until they had a blessing from her dad, Frank. And Brittany knew her dad was going to be more comfortable with the idea after the Games were over, so she figured a proposal wouldn’t happen in London.

What Brittany didn’t know was that Anthony found an opportunity to approach Frank after Brittany had finished competing but before her parents left London to head home.

Once he had Frank’s blessing, Anthony prepared to propose before the closing ceremonies.

It didn’t go quite as he’d planned.

“He had plans to take me to Tower Bridge, but I was an hour and a half later than I said I would be meeting him at the mall because it took our team longer than we thought to check our bags at the village. There was only a three-hour gap before I had to be at closing ceremonies, so I ruined his plans,” Viola said.

No problem. Anthony adjusted and suggested they just hang out. They grabbed dinner at a Mexican restaurant at the mall and then went to get frozen yogurt. Brittany noticed Anthony was walking really fast but didn’t know why – she had time before she needed to be back.

Once they got to Pinkberry, Anthony kept asking Brittany to find a place to sit while he placed their order. She started getting a little suspicious since there were about 10 open tables – they’d have no problem getting a table, but he kept insisting.

“I could tell something was up, but I thought, ‘He wouldn’t propose without my dad’s blessing and he doesn’t have it,’” Brittany said. “I just brushed it off and ate my yogurt,”

As she dug further into her yogurt (chocolate with Oreos, for the record), she noticed something at the bottom of the dish.

Anthony, who – according to Brittany – was worried she was going to swallow the ring, gave his phone to someone to capture the moment on video. He then got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him.

“I gave a very thoughtful pause, and then said yes,” Brittany said. “The guy behind the counter started cheering.”

Only one thing left to do before Brittany prepared for closing ceremonies.

“(The ring) had chocolate and Oreos all over it and looked pretty nasty. I took it to a ring cleaner at the mall and then went directly to closing ceremonies,” she said.

They plan to be married October 18.

5 thoughts on “Be Mine Forever: A proposal of Olympic proportions

  1. That’s my girl! I’m so excited for Anthony and Britt to wed! And I have been given the honor of standing by her, along with a few of her closest friends and family, to witness them exchanging vows. They are an incredibly beautiful couple and have a lifetime of love and memories to make together! Love you Britt!

    Brittany Bishop (Lerew)

  2. So happy for you. We can’t wait for the wedding. Meredith is so happy and excited for you as we are. You should still be those little girls hiding in Snickers dog cage. When did y’all get so big ? Love you sweetie !!!

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