Important information regarding safety certifications

Coaches, if your safety certification is going to expire on August 31, 2013, we strongly encourage you to renew your certification now or as early as possible. To assist you in renewing, we have scheduled safety certification pool sessions in conjunction with each of the upcoming 10 Spring Junior Region Championships.

You must register for the course no later than one week prior to the pool session. Please note that at least two people must be registered by the one-week cut-off or the course will be cancelled.  Click here to see the schedule of courses and register for a pool session.

USA Diving will offer pool sessions at each of the 10 Summer Junior Region Championships in June as well. You may also contact your Local Diving Association to schedule a course for your area.  In order to schedule a class, there must be six participants and we must have 60 days advance notice.

As a reminder, the USA Diving Safety Certification policy is as follows:

  • If you are a current coach member whose certification expires this year: If you complete the course before your certification expires, your new certification will be valid for three full membership years beginning September 1 of the next cycle (no lapse in certification).
  • If you are a new coach or a coach whose certification has expired: Your new certification will be valid for the remainder of the membership year, plus the following two years.

We also accept approved equivalent courses for the USA Diving Pool Session.

 If you have taken a lifeguarding first aid course, you may choose to provide verification of an acceptable equivalent course.

  • Please check the list of approved equivalent courses to confirm that your certification will be accepted.
  • As the expiration dates of these certifications may not correspond with the USA Diving membership cycle, please keep in mind your certification may expire in the middle of a membership year and will need to be renewed to remain in good standing as a USA Diving coach. The expiration date, for coach membership purposes, will be the earliest date on the lifeguard certification.
  • Lifeguard certifications on the approved list will be accepted WITH successful completion of the online Safety Certification Training exam, which must be taken once every 3 membership years.
  • Coaches using an equivalent course option who need to complete the online exam: please select the course titled “Safety Certification-Equivalent Exam (12-13)”

To REGISTER for a safety certification pool session and complete the online exam, please visit the USA Diving Website.


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