New FINA DD Table to be used at Winter Nationals

The newly passed FINA Degree of Difficulty Tables will apply to the 2013 Winter National Championships. The FINA Degree of Difficulty Table (available here) was determined at the FINA Congress, which was recently held in conjunction with the FINA World Championships. This table will go into effect on October 1, 2013 and will therefore be utilized at the 2013 Winter National Championships.

Please note that in the Qualification Procedure, a minimum degree of difficulty must be met in order to participate at the 2013 Winter Nationals. This minimum degree of difficulty will be determined using the NEW Degree of Difficulty Table.

The full FINA Rules and Degree of Difficulty Tables are available here:

6 thoughts on “New FINA DD Table to be used at Winter Nationals

  1. The document states that changes in the FINA DD Table are shaded, but I see no shading. Can somebody point out all the changes that were made in the recent Congress, whether they are obvious or not. Thanks…

  2. Mikela: I guess I wasn’t being clear. I saw the shading in the FORMULAS section (where it says 7 components have negative values) used to calculate the DD’s for the next 5 years. What I was hoping to see was which actual dives in the dive table DD’s were affected by any changes. For example, if the DD for 205b on 3M changed from 3.0 to 3.1, could we shade the box that shows 3.1 in Appendix 2 of the actual DD, so that it is clear that the specific dive DD actually changed?

    1. The document should now be updated, please clear your browser cache, and the shading should show the requested above. Thanks!

    1. Scott, the version we see has shaded entries. Please try refreshing the page as you may be looking at old version. If you are still not seeing shaded entries, please send a screenshot so we can take a look at what you are seeing.

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