Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee monitors the financial activities of the organization, including preparation of the annual budget, development of financial procedures, approval of contracts, auditing of report and programs to obtain continuing financial support.

Chair: Kathy Bonuchi
Title: Treasurer
E-mail: Kbonuchi.Cpa@Centurytel.Net
Members: Chris Sholtis, Ellen Owen, Jack Perkins, Bill Walker, Bryce Klein
Staff Liaisons: Karen Poulsen, Linda Paul

Compensation and Personnel Committee

The Compensation and Personnel Committee is charged with reviewing and comparing the direct compensation and fringe benefits provided to the employees of USA Diving. This committee also performs an annual review of the Chief Executive Officer.

Chair: Chris Sholtis, Chair of the Board
Members: Kathy Bonuchi (Treasurer), TBD, and Brittany Viola
Staff Liaison: Linda Paul

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee combines the functions of the formerly ad hoc committees of Safety, Education, and Membership. In 2006, the Grassroots Subcommittee of the Committee for Competitive Excellence was moved to the Member Services Committee.

Chair: Chris Sholtis
Title: Vice Chair, Administration
Members: Dave Burgering, Lewis Fellinger, Barb Parker, Anneliese Tuymer, Cynthia Potter, Don Leas, Susan Bromberg, Kathy Dacey, Kara McCormack, Abby Johnston, Kristian Ipsen
Staff Liaison: Taylor Payne

Subcommittee: Safety
Chair: Don Leas

Subcommittee: Education

Subcommittee: Membership
Chair: Anneliese Tuymer

Subcommittee: Grassroots
Chair: Kevin Rockhill
Members: Zach Hawley, Mary Beth Dunnichay

Committee for Competitive Excellence

The Committee for Competitive Excellence is responsible for the organization and implementation of successful junior and senior programs to ultimately improve U.S. divers on an international scale.

Chair: Rick Schavone
Title: Vice Chair, Competitive Excellence
Members: Megan Neyer, Julian Krug, Sean McCarthy, Chris Sholtis, Matt Scoggin, Steve Foley, Steve McFarland, Cassandra Metzler, Cheyenne Cousineau
Advisory: Gary Cox, Ron Kontura, Kevin Rockhill, Hunter Shafer and Roberta Page
Staff Liaison: Steve Foley

Senior Diving Sub-Committee
 Julian Krug
Members: Abel Sanchez, Kara McCormack, Cassandra Metzler, Sean McCarthy, Sam Dorman
Staff Liaisons: Steve Foley

Junior Diving Sub-Committee
 Sean McCarthy
Members: Cassandra Metzler, Steele Johnson, Mary Beth Dunnichay, Buck Smith, Hunter Shafer, Curt Wilson, Kevin Rockhill
Staff Liaisons: Mikela Calabrese, Steve Foley

Athlete Representatives

Athlete representatives are elected every two years by those athletes in attendance at the U.S. National Diving Championships. They represent the interests and opinions of all athletes on the committees of USA Diving.

Committee Members:  Cheyenne Cousineau, David Dinsmore, Sam Dorman, Michael Hixon, Emma Ivory-Ganja, Kara McCormack, Mary Beth Dunnichay, Kristian Ipsen, Steele Johnson, Abby Johnston, Bryce Klein, Katrina Young
Staff Liaison: Jen Lowery

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee interprets technical diving rules and considers proposed amendments to the rules for recommendation to the Board of Governors.

Chair: Hunter Shafer
Members: Chris Sholtis, Jared Book, Steve McFarland (advisory)
Senior Subcommittee: Aaron Hintz, Camille Akridge, Sean McCarthy, Susan Bromberg, Yahya Radman, Daniel Rosendahl, Anneliese Tuymer, Lewis Fellinger, Michael Hixon, Bryce Klein, Abby Johnston
Junior Subcommittee: Chair: Jack Perkins. Members: Doe Krug, Krista Klein, Don Mason, Todd Hill, CJ Hardy, Lia Fusaro, David Dinsmore, Emma Ivory-Ganja, Hunter Shafer, Sean McCarthy 
Staff Liaison:

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee initiates and considers proposed changes to the Code of USA Diving.

Chair: Jared Book
Members: Wes Mattice, Sally Hansell, Eric Best, Susan Bromberg, CJ Hardy, Daniel Rosendahl, Kathy Dacey, Anneliese Tuymer, Michael Hixon, Steele Johnson, Katrina Young
Staff Liaison: TBD

Masters Committee

The Masters Committee is responsible for the organization and conduct of a program for divers 21 years of age and older who no longer compete in the senior program. The Masters Committee conducts both an indoor and outdoor national championships annually.

Chair: Ron Kontura
Secretary: Gerry Dunn
Rules Chair: Emily Richmond
Staff Liaison: Taylor Payne

U.S. Diving Foundation

The United States Diving Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1985 to receive and distribute funds for the support of activities that advance U.S. participation in diving. Over the past 18 years, the Foundation has funded programs, projects, and research studies that have helped the sport grow and remain successful.

Chair: William H. Walker
Trustees: Kathy Bonuchi, Jared Book, De Cutshaw, Tom Gompf, Micki King, Steve McFarland, Ron O’Brien, Cynthia Potter, Steve Voellmecke.

Board of Review Committee

The Board of Review Committee reviews complaints regarding disciplinary and Administrative matter pursuant to Article 70 of the USA Diving Code.

Chair: Bill Walker
Committee Members: Chris Sholtis, Tracey Bird, John Proctor, Cassandra Metzler

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