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Information about zone qualifying scores in junior events

We have received several inquiries about the qualifying scores needed to advance to the Zone Championships for junior divers who do not finish in the top 15 at a Region Championships.

These qualifying scores will not be known until next week after the conclusion of all 12 of the Region Championships.

The following is the method used to determine the qualifying scores: “The scores of the 15th diver (or last diver if there are fewer than 15 event entries) in each event from each Region will be averaged and that average will be considered a possible qualifying score. Any region score not within one standard deviation (as per calculation) of the average will be deleted and the average will be recalculated.”

The qualifying score will be available on next week after all necessary calculations are made.

Important information about national qualifying process for 2015

With region meets starting this week, here’s a quick reminder of the path to this summer’s AT&T National Diving Championships for both junior and senior divers.

Good luck to everyone!

April 23-26 or May 1-3
Junior Region Championships
There are now 12 regions, up from 10 previously. And keep in mind there is only one set of Region Championships this year, rather than one in spring and one in summer.

There are no changes to the qualifying procedures to advance from regions to zones. The top 15 divers on each event plus any divers who meet the qualifying score will advance to zones. Divers can attend the region of their choice, but if they advance, they must compete at the corresponding zone.

Weeks of June 9, 15 and 22
Zone Championships

There are now six zones, and Zone Championships have been combined this year. Junior divers who wish to try to qualify for both junior and open events at the AT&T USA Diving National Championships no longer need to travel to two separate zone meets.

-          The top three finishers in each junior event will advance to the semifinals of the corresponding event for the AT&T USA Diving National Championships.

-          Junior divers who finish fourth through 10th on springboard events or fourth through eighth on platform events shall qualify for the preliminaries of the corresponding event at nationals.

-          Additionally, the top three Group A divers and the top two Group B divers on each event shall qualify to the finals of the corresponding ‘open’ event at zones, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

-          The top five finishers in each open event shall qualify to the preliminaries in that corresponding event.

August 1-13
AT&T USA Diving National Championships

-          The top 12 divers from the preliminaries in the junior events will advance to the semifinals (where they will be joined by the top three finishers from each of the Zone Championships)

-          The top 12 finishers from the semifinals of the junior events will advance to the finals.

-          The winner of each event in the Group A and Group B categories shall also qualify for the finals of the corresponding event in the open category, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

-          There are no changes to the qualifying procedures for the open events, except for the Group A and B winners earning a spot in the finals.

Note: Divers may prequalify directly into the semifinals (junior events) or preliminaries (open events) based on being a member of the Junior National Squad or by performances at past meets.

The following divers have prequalified:
Open Men Prequalified Divers
Open Women Prequalified Divers
Junior Prequalified Divers  (These divers are prequalified for the semi-finals in any junior events that they choose to enter at the 2015 AT&T USA Diving National Championships) (Note: Divers may also earn prequalification through the YMCA Championships, which has not yet taken place.)

If a prequalified junior diver chooses to compete at a region or zone meet, the diver will not take a qualifying spot away from another diver in the junior events only. Prequalified open divers who compete in zone meets will not take qualifying spots away from another diver in that event.


Freeman and Parratto take home 3-meter synchro silver at Puerto Rico Grand Prix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) and Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) won the silver medal in synchronized 3-meter to close out the FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix on Sunday.

The American pair finished with 272.40 points to take the silver medal behind China’s Wu Chunting and Qu Lin, who scored 305.40 points for gold. Puerto Rico’s Luisa Jiminez and Jeniffer Fernandez were third at 266.25.

Freeman and Parratto were in seventh place after the two rounds of voluntary dives but came back strong on their three optional dives. Their back 2 ½ pike in round three scored 66.60 points and moved them into second place. They held on to that position for the duration of the contest, scoring 55.80 points on their reverse 2 ½ pike and 63 points on their front 2 ½ with one twist.

“I was really relaxed because my stressful (optional) dives are my front and my inward, and today I didn’t have to do them. It’s always fun doing synchro because you get to share the experience. It was really windy today, and we got through things together. We got a little off on our front dive (in round two) because of the wind, but we came back and put three great optionals together,” said Freeman, who finished sixth in the individual 3-meter final on Saturday.

For Parratto, it was her first senior international competition on springboard. She also competed in the individual and synchronized 10-meter events earlier in the week, finishing fourth in synchro and 11th individually.

“We just wanted to have fun. It was my international debut on 3-meter, and it couldn’t have gone better. To deal with all the components we were fighting against, like the wind, I thought it was great,” Parratto said.

The silver medal was the second trip to the podium this week for Team USA. Samantha Pickens (Murrysville, Pa./Tucson, Ariz.) won the individual 3-meter bronze Saturday.

Pickens wins bronze on 3-meter at FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Samantha Pickens (Murrysville, Pa./Tucson, Ariz.) won the bronze medal in the women’s 3-meter individual final Saturday at the FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix.

Pickens finished with 290.70 points in a close 3-meter contest in which just 1.70 points separated third from fifth. Japan’s Minami Itahashi took the gold with 297.60 points, and Brazil’s Juliana Veloso was second with 293.70 points.

Pickens was in fourth place with one round to go and jumped into the third spot after closing out her list with 58.50 points on a front 2 ½ with one twist. Her best score came in round three when she earned 63 points on her back 2 ½ pike, and she added 61.50 points on her fourth-round reverse 2 ½ pike.

“I felt pretty good. I didn’t really have a good warmup, so it felt good to go to out there and do the things my coach was trying to tell me to do and hit my dives. It’s been a fun week,” Pickens said.

Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) scored 277.10 points for sixth. She was in first place after round three but then scored just 34.10 points on a front 3 ½ pike in round four to drop out of the medal hunt. She had performed a front 2 ½ pike in her preliminary and semifinal lists before attempting the 3 ½ in the finals.

Also on Saturday, Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.) and Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) finished fourth in the women’s synchronized 10-meter final. They scored 270.18 points, including 65.28 points on their back 2 ½ with 1 ½ twists in the last round.

“We just tried to be consistent. We have a lot of work to do for Worlds coming up this summer, but I think we’re in a good place right now. We know what we need to focus on to get better, so it’s just up from here,” Parratto said.

Before coming to Puerto Rico, Parratto and Cozad won the 10-meter synchro title at last week’s USA Diving Synchronized National Championships to earn the opportunity to compete on the event at this summer’s World Championships.

“The good thing is our synchro was pretty good today. I think we’re both mentally and physically a bit tired from last weekend,” Cozad said.

China’s Ji Siyu and Ding Yaying won the gold with 307.50 points, with Brazil’s Giovanna Pedroso and Ingrid Oliveira taking silver with 284.52 points. Mexico rounded out the medalists as Paola Pineda and Carolina Mendoza scored 280.02 points for bronze.

The Puerto Rico Grand Prix comes to a close Sunday when Freeman and Parratto will represent the U.S. in the women’s synchronized 3-meter final.


Cozad 10th, Parratto 11th on 10-meter at Puerto Rico Grand Prix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.) and Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) both advanced to the women’s 10-meter semifinals Friday at the FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix, but neither qualified for Sunday’s final.

Cozad placed 10th overall and fourth with 264.30 points in semifinal A, while Parratto was 11th overall after scoring 249.20 points for fifth in that same semifinal. Only the top three from each of the two semifinals advance to the finals.

Cozad scored more than 60 points on each of her first three dives in the semifinals, including 67.20 points on her back 2 ½ with 1 ½ twists and her armstand double back somersault with 1 ½ twists. She was in first place after three rounds but faltered on her final two dives, earning just 39.60 points on a back 3 ½ tuck and 28.80 points on an inward 3 ½ tuck to miss a spot in the finals by 7.1 points.

Parratto’s best dive in the semifinals came in round two, when she was awarded 60.80 points on an inward 3 ½ tuck.

Cozad and Parratto advanced to the semifinals after placing fourth (300.70) and eighth (275.10), respectively, in the preliminaries.

Darian Schmidt (Bloomington, Ind.) competed in Friday’s men’s 3-meter preliminaries and placed 17th with 335.05 points, with his best dive coming in the opening round when he received 74.80 points on his front 2 ½ with two twists. He picked up 66.65 points on his front 3 ½ pike in round five.

The FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix continues through Sunday, April 19. Saturday’s competition features Cozad and Parratto in the women’s synchronized 10-meter event and Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) and Samantha Pickens (Murrysville, Pa./Tucson, Ariz.) in the women’s 3-meter final.

Freeman and Pickens advance to 3-meter finals at Puerto Rico Grand Prix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) and Samantha Pickens (Murrysville, Pa./Tucson, Ariz.) have advanced to the women’s 3-meter finals at the FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix after their performances in Thursday’s preliminary and semifinal rounds. The finals are set for Saturday.

Freeman scored 285.90 points to tie Colombia’s Diana Pineda for first in semifinal A. On a windy day in San Juan, Freeman led or tied for the lead for the entire semifinal. She opened the contest with 61.50 points on a back 2 ½ pike and followed up with 63 points on her reverse 2 ½ pike in the second round. Pineda caught up with her after round four, but Freeman never relinquished the top score.

“I’ve dove in wind before, but this was a little windier than I’ve dove in before. I was just trying to practice my mental toughness and improve my mental game in that regard. If I can dive in this, I can dive in anything,” Freeman said. “I was just trying to stay relaxed and do what I know I how to do because I know once I get to the end of the board and I’m ready to go, I’ll be fine.”

Pickens finished with 277.20 points to place second behind China’s Wu Chunting (298.80) in semifinal B. Pickens was in fifth place after three of five rounds but moved up in the standings after scoring 61.50 points on her reverse 2 ½ pike in round four and 64.50 points on her front 2 ½ with one twist in the last round to move her into second place and a spot in the finals.

“It was really, really windy out there, but everyone was dealing with it so I guess it was just who could deal with it the best. It was a little rough at the beginning. I feel like there are a few more things to touch up on for the finals, but I’m really glad I made it in there,” Pickens said.

Pickens and Freeman advanced to the semifinals after placing third and fourth in the morning preliminaries. The top 12 divers from the preliminaries advance to one of two semifinals. The top three from each semifinal qualify for the finals.

The FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix continues through Sunday. Friday’s competition will feature Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.) and Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) on women’s 10-meter and Darian Schmidt (Bloomington, Ind.) on men’s 3-meter.

Boudia/Johnson, Johnston/Ryan win national titles to earn World Championships berth

GREENSBORO, N.C. — David Boudia (Noblesville, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) and Steele Johnson (Carmel, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) won the men’s synchronized 10-meter national title Sunday at the inaugural USA Diving Synchronized National Championships to earn a berth to the World Championships, while Abby Johnston (Upper Arlington, Ohio/Durham, N.C.) and Laura Ryan (Elk River, Minn./Athens, Ga.) qualified for the World Championships in women’s synchronized 3-meter after winning their second national title together. Tarrin Gilliland (Liberty Hill, Texas/City of Midland Aquatics) and Sophia McAfee (San Marino, Calif./Trojan Dive Club) won their second gold together this week, winning the 13-and-under girls’ 1-meter title after already pairing together for gold on 3-meter.

Boudia and Johnson dominated the 10-meter synchro contest with 950.46 points. Their reverse 3 ½ tuck in the prelims earned 100.98 points, having received 10s from seven of the 11 judges. They did the dive even better in the final, when nine judges awarded them 10s for 102 points. They also received eight 10s on their inward 3 ½ tuck and six 10s on their inward dive pike in the finals.

“I think having the combined Synchro Nationals and not having the seniors and juniors at separate events was great. It was really exciting to be alongside a 13-year-old who might look up to you, and hopefully I could encourage some of the younger divers. It was a really fun atmosphere to be in with all these people who love the sport,” said Boudia, the 2012 Olympic champion on platform. “This was a good start to the season for me and Steele. We were excited to dive as well as we did and qualify for the World Championships. We’ve got some work to do, but I think we’re in a great position.”

Zach Cooper (Trafalgar, Ind.) and Ryan Hawkins (Charlotte, N.C./Blacksburg, Va.) were second with 759.03 points.

Johnston and Ryan finished the women’s 3-meter synchro finalwith 626.40 points over two lists of dives to earn the World Championships berth and the national title. They led by 15.9 after the preliminaries and extended their lead with a strong performance in the finals, with all three of their optional dives scoring more than 70 points. Their best dive came in round four, when their inward 2 ½ pike received 75.60 points.

“Today went really well. The score for our optionals on our second list was one of our highest ever, so that was a good showing for us and gives us a lot of confidence going into World Championships,” said Johnston, a 2012 Olympic silver medalist in synchronized 3-meter.

Johnston and Ryan finished fifth in a FINA Grand Prix meet in Mexico last week, and Ryan felt that meet helped prepare them for nationals.

“(Mexico) just gave us so much confidence coming in here. We knew our timing was perfect, so all we had to do was focus on our own dives. Mexico was essentially a whole week of training for us. I’m just so excited. It’s my first World Championships, and I’m pumped to have this opportunity,” Ryan said.

Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) and Maren Taylor (Arlington, Va./Austin, Texas) finished second with 597.60 points, while Taylor also earned bronze with Emma Ivory-Ganja (The Woodlands, Texas). They scored 587.40 points for third.

Gilliland and McAfee scored 579.84 points over two lists of 1-meter dives for the gold. Gilliland also won a silver medal on the event, pairing with Remi Edvalson (Saratoga, Calif./Stanford Diving) for 551.82 points for second place. GC Diving teammates Hailey Hernandez (Southlake, Texas) and Allison Ward (Southlake, Texas/GC Diving) were third with 526.26 points.

In all, 16 national titles were awarded at the inaugural Synchronized National Championships. The meet determined the U.S. rosters in synchronized events for the World Championships and the Junior Pan American Championships. The nationals will also determine the U.S. team for the Pan American Games, although that team will not be finalized until after next month’s individual World Championships trials.

Cozad/Parratto, Dorman/Ipsen qualify for World Championships in synchro events

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) and Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.) punched their tickets to this summer’s World Championships in women’s synchronized 10-meter, while Sam Dorman (Tempe, Ariz./Coral Gables, Fla.) and Kristian Ipsen (Clayton, Calif./Stanford, Calif.) qualified for Worlds in synchronized 3-meter after winning their respective events at the USA Diving Synchronized National Championships on Saturday. Jackson Miller (Southlake, Texas) and Brady Ruth (Trophy Club, Texas) won the 13-and-under boys’ 1-meter title.

Dorman and Ipsen scored 853.38 points over two lists of 3-meter synchro dives to earn the national title and a trip to the World Championships. The pair scored 414.93 points on their first list to sit in third place – 15.18 points out of first – after the preliminaries. They came back with 438.45 points in the finals to secure the national title. Dorman and Ipsen took the lead after their fifth round front 3 ½ pike scored 80.91 points, while the two teams ahead of them — coincidentally teams they also were a part of — missed their dives in that same round. They closed out their list with 90.30 points on their reverse 1 ½ with 3 ½ twists to maintain the lead.

Ipsen and Dorman also finished in the top three with Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas), as divers could compete on more than one team. Ipsen and Dumais, the 2012 Olympic bronze medalists in 3-meter synchro, finished second with 834.81 points, and Dorman and Dumais scored 804.75 points for third.

“I’m super tired now. It wasn’t too difficult (diving with more than one partner) because we all do similar hurdles and similar back presses. It was a little confusing having to think before we went what dive we were doing next. Our orders were completely different, and I had to keep looking at the sheet to make sure we were doing the right dive. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty fun, actually,” Ipsen said. “I’m excited. We’re both finishing up college, so we’re going to be able to get in a little more training time together, which will be nice. Before this, the last time Sam and I trained together was U.S. nationals in Ohio in December. I feel like we’ll be able to perfect some of the little things before Worlds.”

Cozad and Parratto finished with 612.30 points over two lists of dives in the women’s 10-meter synchronized final. They were 4.98 points behind 2008 Olympian Mary Beth Dunnichay (Elwood, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) and Delaney Schnell (Tucson, Ariz.) heading into the final. Cozad and Parratto scored more than 72 points on all three of their optional dives in the final, including 77.76 points on their inward 3 ½ tuck in round four to move into the lead.

“It really made me mad getting second in prelims, which was perfect because I came into finals with a fighting attitude. There was no way I was going to give up, because I was going to be on this world team. I’m so excited. It’s where we’re supposed to be,” Cozad said.

Dunnichay and Schnell finished second with 599.88 points, and Samantha “Murphy” Bromberg (Bexley, Ohio/Austin, Texas) and Emma Ivory-Ganja (The Woodlands, Texas/Austin, Texas) scored 581.04 points for third.

Miller and Ruth scored 566.46 points over two lists of dives to come from behind to win the 13-and-under national title in synchronized 1-meter. They trailed Kevin Mendez (Lighthouse Point, Fla./PineCrest Diving) and Jordan Rzepka (Solon, Ohio/Cleveland Area Diving) by 8.82 after the preliminaries before coming back with 301.92 points on their second list of dives to take the gold medal. Mendez and Rzepka, who had won gold on 3-meter and platform earlier in the week, finished second with 560.64 points. Max Weinrich (Brookeville, Md.) won his third medal of the week, this time winning bronze with his Montgomery Dive Club teammate Ethan Badrian (Silver Spring, Md.). They finished third with 496.62 points.

The Synchronized National Championships come to a close Sunday with men’s 10-meter synchro, women’s 3-meter synchro and girls’ 13-and-under 1-meter synchro.

Four more champions crowned at Synchronized National Championships

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Cameron Thatcher (Powell, Ohio/Ohio State Dive Club) and Grayson Campbell (Vienna, Va./Dominion Dive Club) won the 14-18 boys’ synchronized 3-meter title to earn a berth to the Junior Pan American Championships on Friday at the USA Diving Synchronized National Championships.

Also on Friday, Jordan Rzepka (Solon, Ohio/Cleveland Area Diving) and Kevin Mendez (Lighthouse Point, Fla./PineCrest Diving) won gold in the 13-and-under age group for the second day in a row, and Tarrin Gilliland (Liberty Hill, Texas/City of Midland Aquatics) picked up her second 13-and-under girls’ gold medal of the championships, this time with Sophia McAfee (San Marino, Calif./Trojan Dive Club). Johanna Holloway (Boynton Beach, Fla./Fort Lauderdale Diving) and Mya Kraeger (Willis, Texas/Team A&M) won the girls’ 14-18 platform to round the gold medalist on day two of the four-day championships.

Thatcher and Campbell scored 680.76 points over two lists of 3-meter dives to earn the Junior Pan Am berth. They led by 10.76 points after prelims and extended their lead after scoring 352.80 points on their list in the finals. Kyle Goodwin (Centennial, Colo./Mile High Dive Club) and Joey Cifelli (Chicago Heights, Ill./Windy City Diving) finished second with 642.60 points, edging bronze medalists Christopher Law (San Antonio, Texas/Alamo Area Diving) and Henry Fusaro (Scottsdale, Ariz./Clavadistas del Sol) by .51 points.

Holloway and Kraeger won the 14-18 girls’ platform title with 597.12 on their two lists of dives, highlighted by a front 1 ½ pike that earned three 10s in the finals. Carolina Sculti (Rye, N.Y./Marlins Dive Club) and Kianna Yancey (Hatfield, Pa./TNT Diving) took the silver with 557.04 points, and Maggie Merriman (Orlando, Fla./YCF Diving) and Daria Lenz (Altadena, Calif./Unattached) scored 549.51 points for third.

Rzepka and Mendez, who won 3-meter synchro on Thursday, scored 216.12 points in Friday’s 13-and-under platform final. Max Weinrich (Brookeville, Md./Montgomery Dive Club) and Tyler Downs (Ballwin, Mo./Clayton Diving), the bronze medalists on 3-meter, scored 209.10 points to win the platform silver. Dash Glasberg (Santa Monica, Calif,./Trojan Dive Club) and Ren Terwey (Half Moon Bay, Calif./Stanford Diving) finished third with 195.42.

Gilliland and McAfee scored 564.36 points to win the girls’ 13-and-under 3-meter title, and Gilliland also won bronze after scoring 512.55 points with Remi Edvalson (Saratoga, Calif./Stanford Diving). Gilliland won gold, silver and bronze on platform on Thursday, including a silver with McAfee. Hailey Hernandez (Southlake, Texas/GC Diving) and Allison Ward (Southlake, Texas/GC Diving).

The USA Diving Synchronized National Championships continue through April 12. Saturday’s competition features women’s platform and men’s 3-meter as well as 13-and-under boys’ 1-meter. World Championship spots are at stake in the platform and 3-meter events.

USA Diving announces AT&T High Performance Squad for 2015

USA Diving has announced the 32 divers selected to the AT&T High Performance Squad for 2015.

The AT&T High Performance Squad includes the divers who most exhibit the potential, skill and determination to become 2016 Olympic Team members. The squad includes members of the 2014 FINA World Cup team and others who have been identified as top hopefuls leading up to the 2016 Games. Pending U.S. qualification, a maximum of 16 divers will compete for Team USA at the 2016 Olympic Games.

The squad has been proven to be a pipeline to the Olympics as all 11 members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team for diving were members of the group in the years leading up to London.

AT&T, the exclusive telecommunications partner for USA Diving, continues its support of USA Diving as the official sponsor of the AT&T High Performance Squad. AT&T has been a proud partner of USA Diving since 2007, and will continue its relationship through the 2016 Olympic Games.

“We are grateful for the continued support of our long-term sponsor AT&T,” said USA Diving President and CEO Linda Paul. “AT&T’s support enables USA Diving to provide our athletes with valuable opportunities as we prepare for Rio and beyond.”

A review of the AT&T High Performance Squad is conducted periodically, and divers may be removed or added from the squad following such evaluations. -

AT&T High Performance Squad

Men (Hometown/Trains)
David Boudia – Noblesville, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.
Cory Bowersox – Burke, Va./Austin, Texas
Bradley Christensen – Southlake, Texas/Stanford, Calif.
David Dinsmore – New Albany, Ohio/Columbus, Ohio
Sam Dorman – Tempe, Ariz./Coral Gables, Fla.
Troy Dumais – Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas
Aaron Fleshner – Spring, Texas/Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Michael Hixon – Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.
Kristian Ipsen – Clayton, Calif./Stanford, Calif.
Steele Johnson – Carmel, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.
Bryce Klein – Southlake, Texas/Dallas, Texas
Brandon Loschiavo – Huntington Beach, Calif./Mission Viejo, Calif.
Zac Nees – Hatfield, Pa./State College, Pa.
Darian Schmidt – Bloomington, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.
Toby Stanley – Conway, Ark./Durham, N.C.
Jordan Windle – Morrisville, N.C./Durham, N.C.

Women (Hometown/Trains)

Samantha “Murphy” Bromberg – Bexley, Ohio/Austin, Texas
Amanda Burke – Southampton, Pa./ State College, Pa.
Amy Cozad – Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.
Deidre Freeman – Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa
Emma Ivory-Ganja – The Woodlands, Texas/Austin, Texas
Anna James – Midland, Texas/West Lafayette, Ind.
Abby Johnston – Upper Arlington, Ohio/Durham, N.C.
Gracia Leydon Mahoney – Newton, Mass./Stanford, Calif.
Jessica Parratto – Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.
Samantha Pickens – Murrysville, Pa./Tucson, Ariz.
Ariel Rittenhouse – Santa Cruz, Calif./Stanford, Calif.
Laura Ryan – Elk River, Minn./Athens, Ga.
Delaney Schnell – Tucson, Ariz.
Maren Taylor – Arlington, Va./Austin, Texas
Victoria (Lamp) Wood – Knoxville, Tenn./Brown Deer, Wisc.
Katrina Young – Shoreline, Wash./Tallahassee, Fla.