Cassie Weil

Height: 5’4″
Birthdate: September 30, 1993
Birthplace: Portland, Ore.
Hometown: Hillsboro, Ore.
Current Residence: Baton Rouge, La.
Education: LSU
Club: Unattached
Coach: Doug Shafer


Cassie is the daughter of Jay and Karen Weil. She also has a twin, Hannah, and two older brothers, Jon and Jake. Cassie began diving at age nine, competed in her first junior nationals in 2006 and her first senior nationals in 2009. Besides diving she enjoys participating in community service as well as skiing and art. Cassie’s great-great-grandfather was the first person to make a basketball shot in the first game of basketball. She is also the first woman in the history of Oregon to make the Olympic Trials in diving. Cassie hopes to one day become a pediatrician.