Katrina Young

Height: 5’3″
Birthdate: January 10, 1992
Birthplace: Seattle, Wash.
Hometown: Shoreline, Wash.
Current Residence: Tallahassee, Fla.
Education: Florida State University (2014)
Major: Commercial Music
Club: Tomahawk Diving
Coach: Patrick Jeffrey
National Team: 2013, 2014


Katrina is the daughter of Sean and Carol Young and has two siblings, Samantha and Eddie. Her grandmother, Elaine Young, was a 1948 Olympic sprinter. Katrina began diving at age nine and her favorite dive is 107B. After breaking her right leg across the growth plates in 2007, Katrina has been working hard the past couple years to regain her diving mentality. During meets she likes to visualize and listen to music.

Her favorite food is salmon and her favorite TV Show is Alias. One of the moments Katrina remembers most throughout her diving career was competing at the Junior Pan American Championships in Fort Lauderdale when Hurricane Katrina hit.


Additional Accomplishments

  • 2009 Diver or Athlete of the Year Seattle Times
  • 2012 NCAA All-American