Our Divers

Our Squads

    Junior Divers

    The USA Diving junior program offers instruction and competition at various levels—from first-time divers as young as five to the most experienced youth divers on the Junior Elite Performance Squad.

    Future Olympic Force

    The Future Olympic Force and Junior Elite Squad are designed for talented junior divers who aspire to become members of the Olympic Performance Squad with the goal of competing in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics.

    Senior Divers

    USA Diving’s senior program is for divers who perform beyond the junior level. While the senior program typically includes divers between the ages of 14 and 30, it’s open to all of those who meet the competitive requirements for senior-level dive meets.

    National Team

    Competing on the USA Diving National Team is a goal our divers work exceptionally hard to achieve. To become a member of the National Team, a diver must be named to an international event roster, which is based on his or her performance and results at events or selection camps.

    AT&T Olympic Performance Squad

    Competing in the Olympics is the ultimate dream for many of our divers. Our Olympic Performance Squad includes divers who exhibit the skill and determination it takes to become Olympic Team members and compete in the Olympic Games.