Benjamin Foundation Coaches Performance Award

Thanks to a generous gift from The Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Foundation, Inc., the U.S. Diving Foundation is pleased and proud to announce The Benjamin Foundation Coaches Performance Award. This gift to the U.S. Diving Foundation was made possible thanks to the efforts of Peter Lasser and in honor of his great aunt, Elizabeth Benjamin, and great uncle, Barets O. Benjamin, who was an intercollegiate diving champion at Yale. Peter now serves as a trustee of the Benjamin Foundation.

The U.S. Diving Foundation believes that providing more support to diving coaches is synonymous with achieving and maintaining international success. Beginning in 2003, The Benjamin Foundation Coaches Performance Award will recognize coaches whose athletes win medals in the World Championships (Olympic events only, no 1-meter) or Olympic Games.

Awards range from $2,500 for a World Championships bronze medal to $15,000 for an Olympic gold medal. More than one coach may receive the award presented annually. For a complete breakdown of the award, please see the tables below. Awards are distributed to coaches based upon the medal performance of their divers at designated events, up to the amounts below:


Event   Gold Silver Bronze
Olympic Games   $15,000 $10,000 $5,000
World Championships   $7,500 $5,000 $2,500


If the total dollars awarded for an event exceed $25,000 in any given year, the amount awarded for each medal performance will be based upon shares of the total $25,000 pool. Shares are distributed as follows:


Event   Gold Silver Bronze
Olympic Games   3 Shares 2 Shares 1 Share
World Championships   3 Shares 2 Shares 1 Share


Sometimes a diver’s performance in a major event is due to the efforts of more than one coach. In this case, award dollars are distributed to coaches of record during the preceding four years on a month-by-month basis. Each coach of record will receive 1/48 of the coach’s performance award on the first of the month for the preceding 48 months. A medal in a synchronized event is considered to be one medal and is honored with one award. If two coaches have divers on the medal-winning synchro team, each will receive 1/2 of the award.