During the USA Diving general assembly meetings at the recent United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Atlanta, members of the USA Diving staff and USA Diving Board of Directors presented a program to re-engage the Local Diving Associations (LDAs). This program provides an opportunity for each LDA to become current under USA Diving Bylaws. Active (or current) LDAs that meet the criteria outlined in the USA Diving bylaws receive rebate funds from USA Diving that can be used to grow your association and benefit the clubs and coaches in your LDA.

Those LDAs that are not considered current and are not receiving rebate funds will have an opportunity to become current by submitting the necessary documentation below. LDAs that provide the required documentation will be eligible to receive funds retroactive to July 1, 2013. These LDAs will also begin receiving quarterly rebate checks based on the distribution formula below.

Each LDA, including those currently receiving rebate funds, must provide documentation that shows it is compliant with USA Diving bylaws. Documentation must be submitted to the USA Diving office prior to end of business on January 20, 2017 to receive funds on a quarterly basis in 2017. 

LDAs seeking reinstatement that are able provide the necessary documentation showing they are compliant with USA Diving bylaws will begin receiving rebate funds in 2017. Those LDAs will also receive the rebate funds accrued since July 1, 2013. These funds will be paid out within 90 days of compliance.

LDAs that have not met the criteria by the January 2017 deadline will not be awarded rebate revenue and will not receive rebate payments.  Should these LDAs later submit documentation showing they are current and meet all criteria per USA Diving bylaws, they will begin receiving quarterly payments.

Required for LDA accordance with USA Diving bylaws:

  • Articles of Incorporation (generic articles are available here in Word format for LDAs to download and edit with their own LDA information*)
  • Bylaws (generic bylaws are available here in Word format for LDAs to download and edit with their own LDA information*)
  • Membership (LDA key volunteers/officers must be members of USA Diving)
  • List of Officers
    • (minimum of Chair, Vice-Chair/Admin, Athlete rep with contact information for each)
    • Proof of Bank Account (in LDA name, not personal)
    • Federal Tax ID number for LDA
    • Minutes from a most recent meeting (minimum of one per year)
      • Including a consensus from LDA officers on how rebate money will be spent

Moving forward, each LDA must submit the following documentation to the USA Diving national office by January 15 of each year:

  • Annual meeting minutes
  • Annual report form
  • Each LDA will sanction each event held within the LDA.

LDA rebate distribution formula:

  • An LDA receives $1 for each Blue and Limited registered athlete within its LDA
  • An LDA receives $8 for each Gold level athlete registered within its LDA
  • An LDA receives $15 for each Diving Club registered within its LDA
  • An LDA receives $20 for each event it sanctions within its LDA


Should you have any questions, please contact members@usadiving.org or Kathy Oates-Dacey at kiodacey@gmail.com.

* Some users may experience formatting issues depending on what version of MS Word or what browser is being used. LDAs should still be able to edit these documents regardless of these formatting issues.

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