Jurisdictional Hold

A Jurisdictional Hold is a type of case resolution and closure used by the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the “Center”) when a Respondent[1] is not currently a Participant, but was a Participant at some point previously. A Jurisdictional Hold prevents the Respondent from participating in the Olympic and Paralympic movement until allegations are resolved.[2]

The Center has notified USA Diving that the following individuals are subject to a Jurisdictional Hold.  These individuals are prohibited from participating in USA Diving events and activities as Participants.

Any questions about jurisdictional holds should be directed to the Center.

Date of Decision


September 4, 2018

Johnny Gutierrez

July 12, 2019

Shannon Roy

July 29, 2019

Troy Dumais

August 12, 2019

Robert Gunter

June 3, 2020

Patrick Meck

May 8, 2021

Doug Vaca

September 27, 2022

Victor Byrne

June 15, 2023

Chris Medvedeff

[1] All capitalized terms are defined by the Center’s SafeSport Code for the Olympic and Paralympic Movement, which is available here.

[2] See “Amateur Athletes: The U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Response and Resolution Process for Reporting Abuse,” U.S. Government Accountability Office, December 18, 2020, available at https://www.gao.gov/assets/gao-21-128r.pdf