International Team Selection Procedures

Team selection criteria for international events are provided below. 

2023 AQUA Diving World Cup- Xi'an and Montreal

Selection procedures (Posted 3/10/2023)

2023 World Aquatics High Diving World Cup

Selection procedures (Posted 4/18/2023)

2023 World Aquatics Championships

Selection procedures (Posted 4/14/2023)

2023 Junior Pan American Championships

Athlete selection procedures (Posted 7/8/2023)

Staff selection procedures (Posted 7/8/2023)

2023 Junior Pan American High Diving Championships

Selection Procedures (Posted 7/25/2023)

2023 Pan American Games

Athlete selection procedures (Posted 4/17/2023)

Staff selection procedures (Posted 5/16/2023)

2024 Olympic Games

Athlete selection procedures (Posted 1/1/2023)

Staff selection procedures (Posted 6/21/2023)

Other International Travel Information

USA Diving has been designated by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of diving. With this designation, USA Diving is a member of United States Aquatic Sports, which is the only organization in the United States recognized by World Aquatics for the control and supervision of all competitive aquatic sports between the United States and other members of World Aquatics.

Failure to comply with World Aquatics requirements can affect the rights of the athletes to compete in future international events, including suspension for more than a year. USA Diving is required to enforce World Aquatics regulations and apply the required sanctions or penalties to any person who violates them.

Coaches and athletes contemplating participation in such a meet or trip — whether abroad or in the U.S. with other countries in attendance — should carefully consider the policy and the potential consequences of ignoring the World Aquatics regulations. Any athlete, coach, or official traveling internationally MUST be a member of USA Diving, and the trip MUST be approved by USA Diving. Athletes, coaches, and officials travelling to the U.S. from other countries must also be members of their federation. This is a World Aquatics policy.

For more details, please read the International Travel Policy.

If you’re an official, coach, or athlete planning to travel internationally for an event, please complete our Independent International Travel Permit Application, and submit it to for approval no later than 45 days prior to the start of the event. This is required for both travel outside the U.S. and for organizations that wish to host other countries in the U.S.

Monthly Athlete Stipend Criteria information is posted in USA Diving's members-only section.


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