For your convenience, we’ve made the Technical Diving Rulebook available here online.

2023 Update: The Committee for Competitive Excellence and the CCE Rules Working Group have been working to edit and restructure the USA Diving rulebook. This first version includes marked-up housekeeping edits and is being posted for the benefit of the membership knowing what is coming and what was changed. Subsequent versions will include moving existing content into reorganized sections. Any additional rule changes that have been approved by the board of directors to take effect in 2024, including junior age group requirements, will be included in a later version.  

The CCE plans to post a form online in the fall for USA Diving members to submit rule proposals throughout the year. The CCE/CCE Rules Working Group will review proposals for potential submission to the Board of Directors for consideration at regular intervals.  

Lastly, the CCE Rules Working Group and the CCE will continue discussions and potentially form new rule proposals recommended by the CCE for Membership review as early as the fall of 2023 for community comment/review, prior to submission to the Board for consideration/review/approval.  

The Technical Diving Rulebook is available via the links below. Please note that material enclosed in square brackets is not part of the official text, but provides information such as editor’s notes, cross-references, and legislative history to enhance the use of these materials. Unless otherwise specified in the history notes, changes in the Technical Rules take effect January 1, 2019.

This compilation presents the Competitive & Technical Rules of USA Diving, with 2019 amendments made by the Junior Requirements Committee and noted in Subpart C. Every effort has been made to accurately incorporate changes.

As always, we welcome your ideas and input on how to improve the USA Diving rulebook. In order to be green, we have produced the rulebook in digital format only. If you require a printed copy, a PDF version is available below for printing.

Rulebook  - Full Version

By section:
Subpart A - General Regulations
Subpart B - Senior Rules
Subpart C - Junior Rules
Subpart D - Future Champions Rules
Subpart E - Masters Rules
Subpart F - Policies for Administration of Diving Competitions

Appendix A - Association Territories
Appendix B - FINA Dimensions for Diving Facilities
Appendix C - FINA Degree of Difficulty Formulas and Components
Appendix D - FINA Table of Degrees of Difficulty