Loschiavo and Windle Advance to Semifinals in Men’s Platform

by USA Diving

Day 13 of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games saw Team USA’s Brandon Loschiavo and Jordan Windle compete in the preliminary round of the Men’s 10-Meter Platform competition.


Both Loschiavo and Windle started the competition off on a good foot, scoring 7’s and 7.5’s on their first round of dives. Loschiavo had a bit of trouble on his third dive, a back 3 ½ somersaults tuck but rallied for 8’s on his next dive a reverse 3 ½ somersaults tuck. Loschiavo ended the preliminary round qualifying for semifinals in the 11th position.


“I was happy with just staying as consistent as I could throughout this very long competition,” said Loschiavo, “The prelims especially at these very large international meets can be pretty brutal. Getting into the next part of this competition I’m just going to continue to work on getting after my dives a little bit more and be less timid.”


Windle struggled a bit on the finishes of his third and fourth dives but rallied at the end, scoring 7.5’s and 8’s on his final two dives. His best dive of the day being his Back 2 1/2 Somersaults 2 1/2 Twists Pike, earning 82.80 on the dive securing his place in finals with a 15th place finish.


“Diving in prelims definitely got me ready to look forward to what’s coming up,” said Windle, “I was a little nervous going into prelims but now that I was able to compete against these guys I think I have an understanding and am a little bit more ready mentally. Overall I’m going to have some fun, do what I came over here to do and dive as well as I can.”


Competition resumes tomorrow morning at 10am Japan Time/ 9pm EST. The top 12 from the preliminary round will move onto the afternoon’s finals which will take place at 3pm Japan Time/2am MST. Both rounds will be broadcast live on the USA Network and


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