Get to Know Olympian Tyler Downs

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Do you have any nicknames your teammates or family members gave you?

My family calls me by Tyler, but my friends and teammates call me Ty



Ballwin, Missouri


Social Media Handles

·      Instagram: @tylerdowns

·      TikTok: @tylerdownss

·      Twitter: _tylerdowns


How did you get into diving?

I started out as a swimmer for a summer league club and have always wanted to try diving. I asked the diving coach Mary Ann McCain if I could try it and the rest is history.


Where do you currently train?

I currently train at Ripfest Diving Academy in Noblesville, Indiana


Who is your role model?

My role model is David Boudia


Most meaningful accomplishments

Winning the 3m Individual and making the U.S. Olympic Team, it showed all the dedication I have poured into this sport and being able to accomplish that at only 17 years old means the world.


How do you feel like diving has shaped you into a champion, either in the water or in life or both?

Diving has provided me with self motivation and dedication. My coach John Wingfield has taught me to have yourself prepared for any moment in the sport.


If you could give advice to a new diver or someone looking to get into the sport, what would it be?

I would first love to thank all of the younger divers for looking up to me and seeing me accomplish my dream. I want everyone to know, you can do this at any age. Work as hard as you can and do not give up. For all of the divers who are older than me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to tell me "good job" or "keep it up" because it meant a lot to me.


What are you looking forward to most at this Olympic Games?

I am most looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies as I think that is going to be amazing see all of the world's best athletes and Team USA march as we represent our countries.


What is your favorite memory of diving?

My favorite memory of diving is meeting all of the athletes competing. It is super exciting seeing new faces and being able to communicate with the whole diving community.


How have you adjusted to your new title as Olympian?

I only adjusted the title "Olympian". You know people are definitely going to think that is going to change me as a person, but it is not. I'm still the same 17 year old I was before I qualified for the Olympic Games. Diving is apart of my life, but it is not who I am as a person. It is a side hobby that I love to do for fun.


When you are not in the water, what are your favorite hobbies?

I love playing tennis with my teammates. It is an amazing time spending time with them and not diving surround my whole day.


If you weren't a diver, what sport would you love to play?

I would have loved to play soccer. I played growing up and have always found it fascinating.


What are your long-term goals (either in diving or after diving?)

It would be an honor to be able to compete in another Olympic Games in the future. I am getting my degree from Purdue, hoping to start my own chiropractic practice and start a family.




U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Diving -Men's 3M Olympians from Indiana Sports Corp on Vimeo.

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