College Bound Divers 2022

by USA Diving

Congratulations to the divers in our community who are continuing their careers as collegiate student-athletes this year.


If you are are an incoming freshman and would like to share your plans with our community, please fill out this form.


Name College Attending Club/High School Team
Conor Gesing University of Texas-Austin Abington High School, Abington PA, TNT Diving
Ethan Badrian University of North Carolina - Wilmington Montgomery Dive Club
Jiselle Miller University of Louisville Indiana International School of Diving and Northridge High School
Peyton Donald Stanford The Woodlands Diving Academy and Grand Oaks High School
Emilie Moore Stanford Coral Springs Diving and Boca Raton Community High School
Sara Parksvold Towson University St Petersburg Diving Club
Kaitlin Simons Purdue University Indiana International School of Diving/ Northridge High School
Emma Skinner The University of Wisconsin- Madison ACES Diving Club
Blake Skilken Ohio State University Club: Aces Diving club, high school: Columbus Academy
Samuel Flory The Ohio State University Dominion Dive Club; Robinson Secondary School
Kendall Nigh Duquesne University Poland Seminary High School
Olivia Nelson University of West Florida Dallas Metroplex Diving, Centennial High School
Adriana Mieses Sanchez University of West Florida Windsor High School and Rip-A-Dive
Jacob Fisher Virginia Tech Alexandria Dive Club / Mount Vernon HS
Grace Zifcak The University of Kansas Alexandria dive club and Winston Churchill high school
Drew Bennett University of Minnesota Schroeder Dive Team, Madison Memorial High School
Nick Harris University of Texas TNT Diving/Malvern Prep High School (Malvern,PA)
Nick Harris University of Texas TNT Diving/Malvern Prep High School (Malvern, PA)
Callie Borda University of Tennessee montgomery dive club and rockville high school
Averi McQuitty East Carolina University COM Aquatics and Midland High School
Raphael Tourette Harvard Santa Clara Diving Club @santaclaradivingclub
James Gourlay Davidson College Carolina Diving Academy, South Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte NC
Nick Stone University of Tennessee COM Aquatics
Erica Peters University of Northern Iowa Ankeny High School/ Midwest Diving Academy
Kevin Mendez University of North Carolina Coral Springs Dive Club. Pine Crest High school
Ryleigh Rodgers University of Alabama Woodlands Diving (club); Grand Oaks High School in Spring, TX
Kevin Siegfried The University of Delaware TNT Diving and Central Bucks High School West Diving
Daryn Wright Purdue University Indiana International School of Diving (@iisdiving)
Tomas Salas, I enjoy diving, listening to music, and podcasting! IUPUI IISD and Penn High School
Lauren Melia Miami University Tinora High School Napoleon Diving Club
Elina Natarajan Cornell University High School: Allendale Columbia Club: Wings Diving Club
Daley Fraser University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) Pittsford Mendon High school
Ellee Delcamp University of Nebraska - Lincoln Nebraska Diving Club
Mackenzie Kim United States Naval Academy Rose Bowl Dive Team
Haley Adams Liberty University Atlantic Coast Diving Jax and Christ Church Academy
Annie University of Pennsylvania Marlins Diving Club, Greenwich High School
Alex Givens University of Cincinnati Carolina Dive Academy
Dani University of iowa Fort Lauderdale dove team and park vista community high school
Stephen Barlett Cornell University Northeastern Senior High School in York, PA
Payton DeCook Eastern Michigan University Ripfest Diving Academy
Eli Lubell University of Denver Atlanta Diving Association
Jan Lanser University of Wisconsin Madison Schroeder diving
Cole Hysong Missouri State University Michigan Lakeshore Diving ; Forest Hill High School
Sophia DeBergh BYU Mission Viejo Nadadores
Grace Zifcak University of Kansas Alexandria Dive Club and Monumental Dive Club
Peyton Thurman American University American Flyers Diving and RevereSD High School, Richfield, OH
Ioannis Schattman Duke RipFest
Aidan Clark Towson University Alliance Diving Club
Katie Hensell Lafayette College Double Dragon Diving Club and John Adams High School
Seif Westpoint military Academy Mission Viejo
Peyton Guziec Virginia Tech University GC Divers / Memorial HS (Frisco, TX)
Maddy Hischer Ball State University Red River Diving
Evan Brown Duke Dominion Dive Club And Washington Liberty high school
Daley Fraser University of Pittsburg Upstate NY Diving, Pittsford Central School District Swimming and Diving
Sophia DeBergh Brigham Young University Mission viejo Nadadores
Mary Herndon Liberty University South Carolina Divers
Harrison Nolan University of Kentucky Windy City Diving
Tess Weatherhead University of Richmond Boston Area Diving/ Hopkinton High School (Massachusetts)
Gage DuBois University of Arizona Phoenix dive club
Delainey Pisaruk Pepperdine Phoenix Dive Club
Alexa Walkovich University of Cincinnati

Legacy Diving/Sylvania Southview High School



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