UPDATED 2022 JUNIOR QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: Qualifying from Regionals to Zones

by USA Diving

At each Regional Championships, the top 15 athletes in each event will progress to the Zone Championships.


At the conclusion of all 12 Regional Championships, the national 15th place recalculated average score will be calculated (as per the USA Diving rulebook) and any diver who has scored above this point total will also be invited to attend Zones. The recalculated average scores and list of eligible averaged-in athletes will be announced on May 24, 2022.


This year, in order to ensure equitable qualification across the nation, USA Diving will allow athletes to announce their Intent to Compete but Not Progress at their Regional Championships. In the event that an athlete wishes to compete at theRegional level and not attend the subsequent Zones, the athlete must inform their respective Regional Meet Host, at which point the next athlete in line may be invited to the Zone Championships (up to 20th place).


Previously, the procedure for taking additional athletes did not allow for a top 15 athlete to give up their qualification slot to the next athlete in line.


Due to the delay in announcement of this new procedure, athletes have until the conclusion of the final Regional Championships (May 22, 2022), to announce their intent not to progress so that the next qualifying athlete may be informed.


If you have competed in a Regional Championships and do not intend to compete at Zones, please email the meet host of your Region or by May 22, 2022.


**PLEASE NOTE: International divers who are living and training in the United States may attend a Zone Championships as an exhibition diver, and may not progress to Junior Nationals. Please email for approval.