Aerial Training

The Aerial Training Task Force was formed at USA Diving’s Annual Meeting in 2009 and were given the responsibility of determining whether or not it was feasible to change our policy relating to athletes performing out of belt somersaults (including twisting somersaults) in dryland facilities on trampoline or dryboard (OBS).

As in all activities in our sport, safety is the first priority.  Coaches must be mindful of their facilities, local conditions, the abilities of their athletes and how these factors play into decisions on OBS for each individual athlete.

While the risk of accidents is inherent in all athletic activities, a coach should take every step he/she can reasonably foresee to minimize risk to the athlete.

This program will give the coach a general list of things to consider. It is up to each individual coach to carefully weigh all the factors involved, including those set forth in the memo from Bill Walker below as well as others that may be only locally applicable, before allowing any athlete to perform OBS.

Memo from Bill Walker, Aerial Training Committee Chair

How to take the course: Information on the aerial training course will be coming soon.