World Aquatics Championships

Feb 2, 2024 - Feb 18, 2024 | Doha, Qatar

    USA Diving

    Diving Roster

    • 3-meter, Mixed 3M/10M team event

      Sarah Bacon
    • Headshot of Grayson Campbell
      USA Diving
    • Synchronized 3-meter

      Andrew Capobianco
    • Mixed synchronized 10-meter

      Bayleigh Cranford
    • Mixed synchronized 3-meter

      Noah Duperre
    • Headshot of Alison Gibson
      USA Diving

      1-meter, synchronized 3-meter

      Alison Gibson
    • Joshua Hedberg Headshot

      10-meter, synchronized 10-meter

      Joshua Hedberg
    • Synchronized 3-meter

      Quinn Henninger
    • 1-meter, 3-meter

      Hailey Hernandez
    • 10-meter, Mixed 3M/10M team event

      Brandon Loschiavo
    • Mixed synchronized 3-meter

      Bridget O'Neil
    • Synchronized 3-meter

      Krysta Palmer
    • Synchronized 10-meter

      Jess Parratto
    • Jack Ryan


      Jack Ryan
    • Synchronized 10-meter

      Delaney Schnell
    • Synchronized 10-meter

      Carson Tyler
    • Mixed synchronized 10-meter

      Tyler Wills
    • 10-meter

      Daryn Wright
    • 1-meter, Mixed 3M/10M team event

      Lyle Yost
    • 10-meter, Mixed 3M/10M team event

      Katrina Young

    Coach Members: Drew Johansen (Head coach), Manny Pollard (Assistant coach). Additional coaches: David Boudia, Wenbo Chen, Dwight Dumais, Sean McCarthy, John Wingfield, Jianli You

    Where to Watch
    Diving finals will be shown on Peacock in the United States. Preliminaries and semifinals will be available on the World Aquatics feed.

    February 2
    Recap: Hernandez, Gibson finish 6th & 7th on 1-meter; U.S. takes 5th in team event

    February 3
    Recap: Lyle Yost places 9th in 1-meter final; Cranford/Wills finish 4th in mixed 10-meter synchro

    February 4
    Recap: Capobianco and Henninger finish 9th in 3-meter synchro

    February 6
    Recap: Parratto and Schnell place 8th in syncronized 10-meter

    February 7
    Recap: Gibson and Palmer finish fourth in women's 3-meter synchro

    February 8
    Recap: Sarah Bacon advances on 3-meter; Hedberg/Tyler place 14th in synchronized 10-meter

    February 9
    Recap: Sarah Bacon 5th on 3-meter; Brandon Lochiavo advances on 10-meter

    February 10
    Recap: Loschiavo 8th in 10-meter final, Duperre/O'Neil 7th in mixed 3-meter synchro

    High Diving Roster

    • David Colturi headshot

      David Colturi

    • Headshot of high diver Scott Lazeroff
      USA Diving

      Scott Lazeroff

    • James Lichtenstein headshot

      James Lichtenstein

    • Headshot of high diver Kaylea Arnett
      USA Diving

      Kaylea Arnett

    • Genevieve Sangpan headshot

      Genevieve Sangpan

    • Ellie Smart

      Ellie Smart

    Coach Member: Dave Burgering

    High Diving Competition Schedule
    February 13

    11 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) - Women's 20-meter preliminary
    2 p.m. (6 a.m. ET) - Men's 27-meter preliminary

    February 14
    11 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) - Women's 20-meter final

    February 15
    11 a.m. (3 a.m. ET) - Men's 27-meter final

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