USA Diving Announces Changes to Regional Schedule

by USA Diving

On Tuesday, February 23, the USA Diving Board of Directors approved an exception to the USA Diving rule book to allow flexibility in scheduling the 2021 Junior Regional Championships.  This exception recognizes that circumstances can be extremely different in unique regions of the county and gives more junior divers the opportunity to compete in the national championship pathway.


Per the rule book, all Regions were scheduled for either April 30 – May 2 or May 7 –9.  In 2021 only, two additional weekends will be options: May 21 – 23 and May 28 – 30.  Rather than dictating to each region and host when their event must be held, USA Diving will allow each independent region to decide for themselves if they want to stay with the current confirmed dates or move their event to the end of May.  Following the release of this email, Aaron Kaylor (Senior Events Coordinator) will reach out to each region to start that process.  Each club in the region will have a single vote on whether they want to keep their event as currently scheduled or move it to a later date.  Only one or both of the above weekends will be options and every effort will be made to ensure that the venue does not change.  Additional information including deadlines will be included in that follow-up communication.


As a reminder, junior divers are able to attend any region that they choose to – they are not tied to the event in their geographic region.  However, they are tied to the Zone meet that corresponds to the Region meet that they compete in.  Also note that there are no minimum score requirements for the Region events.

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