Palmer and Gibson Earn Olympic Spot in Women’s 3-Meter Synchronized

by USA Diving

Indianapolis, Ind.- On the first night of finals at the 2020 Olympic Team Trials-Diving. Krysta Palmer and Alison Gibson secured the first of 11 U.S. Diving Olympic Team berths today in the Women’s 3-Meter Synchronized event.


The duo, who won both the preliminary and semifinal rounds of competition as well, came into the finals with a 21 point lead over second place Kassidy Cook and Sarah Bacon. Throughout the final round, Palmer and Gibson consistently hit their mark, ending the competition with a cumulative score of 899.82. Comparatively to other pairs in the competition, Palmer and Gibson’s list had a higher degree of difficulty due in part to their newly added Forward 2 1/2 Somersault 2 Twist Pike (5154B). This 3.4 degree of difficulty dive is rarely performed by female divers individually and the pair is currently the only female synchro team with it in their list.


Athlete Quotes:


Alison Gibson


"My first thought was I have to get to Krysta. As soon as I hit the water I thought to myself I think that this was good enough and just wanted to give Krysta a hug. We’ve been through a lot and competed together for a long time and to finally have this moment is just so incredible.”



Krysta Palmer


About receiving her Olympic Ring from Laura Wilkinson:


"I didn’t start diving until I was 20-years-old I remember when I was young as a gymnast, I remember watching the Olympic Games where she was competing, and I was just amazed. She has been an inspiration and idol to me all through my career and to come back show everybody that anything is possible. "


Complete recording of press conference:


Both Palmer and Gibson will compete again on Saturday in the Individual 3-Meter competition where they are currently seated first and third respectively.


Women’s 3-Meter Synchronized Final Results:


1.     Alison Gibson / Krysta Palmer               899.82*

2.     Sarah Bacon / Kassidy Cook                  871.50 

3.     Samantha Pickens / Carolina Sculti        804.18 

4.     Hailey Hernandez / Emily Grund           784.56

5.     Kristen Hayden / Margo O'Meara           764.10

6.     Daria Lenz / Charlye Campbell              746.76 

7.     Kaylee Bishop / Avery Worobel             702.90

*Olympic Qualified


Finals continue tomorrow with the combined event of the Men’s 3-Meter and Women’s 10-Meter Synchronized competitions. The event will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Network with coverage beginning at 7pm.


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