11 US Divers Team Up with SportMe to Provide Mentorship to Young Athletes

by USA Diving

11 National Team Divers have teamed up with SportMe, a new mentorship platform created by 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Kristian Ipsen. Ipsen created this platform to not only help break down barriers that have prevented athletes from being able to connect with a mentor in the past, while also offering the sport's top athletes another way to make an additional form of income while they continue to pursue their Olympic dreams or simply stay involved with growing the sport of diving.

"Self-financing your athletic dreams comes at a significant cost," said Ipsen about why he created SportMe, "Many dedicated and hard working individuals put their lives on hold for a number of years in order to achieve athletic success and prowess in their given sport. I personally decided to stop training after 2016 because it did not financially make sense for me to continue training for another four years."  

The platform currently has a wide range of individuals on the site from current athletes to those who have successfully transferred into the professional world.

Athletes currently offering mentorship services are:
Brandon Loschiavo (Olympian 2020)
Andrew Capobianco (Olympian 2020, Olympic Silver Medalist)
Laura Wilkinson (Olympian 2000, 2004, 2008, Olympic Champion, World Champion)
Kassidy Cook (Olympian 2016)
Cassidy Krug (Olympian 2012)
Steele Johnson (Olympian 2016, Olympic Silver Medalist)
Sam Dorman (Olympian 2016, Olympic Silver Medalist)
Murphy Bromberg (World Bronze Medalist)
Jessica Parratto (Olympian 2016, 2020, Olympic Silver Medalist)
Kristian Ipsen (Olympian 2012, Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Medalist)
Michael Hixon (Olympian 2016, 2020, Olympic Silver Medalist 2016, 2020)

To learn more about SportMe and each athlete's mentorship services, visit their website:

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