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Amy Kwan Named New Chair of USA Diving Judges Commission

by USA Diving

Amy Kwan has been named the new chair of USA Diving’s Judges Commission. She replaces Cokey Huffman, who has served as chair since the commission’s inception. We thank Cokey for her tremendous service and dedication, and we look forward to working with Amy.


Statement from Amy Kwan, new chair of USA Diving’s Judges Commission

“I am honored to accept the position ofChair of the Judges Commission. I have extremely big shoes to fill. Cokey has been absolutely amazing over the past 10 years. Our domestic judges program has grown and thrived.

I have been judging domestically and internationally since 2000. I have sat in this important seat all over the world and have studied and learned among the best in World Aquatics (formerly FINA). 

I look forward to continuing to build our neutral judges program in the United States. I truly believe with a strong neutral judges program our athletes will only get stronger domestically and internationally.” 


Statement from Cokey Huffman, former chair of USA Diving’s Judges Commission

“For the past 10 years I have been honored and privileged to serve USA Diving as the Chair of the Judges Commission. I formed the Commission when I took this program over from my great mentor, Steve McFarland. Without his guidance, these past 10 years would have been extremely difficult. I formed the Commission because I knew then, as I know now, there are greater minds in the realm of World Aquatics (FINA) judging. I chose to surround myself with some of those people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Commission members over the last decade: Julie Ahlering, Marc Faber, Tim O’Brien, Kelly Robertson and Jeff Stabile. Their ideas and insight have been priceless. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge our prior High Performance Director, Dan Laak, for his dedication and support of this program. Without Dan’s support, and his funding requests through grants from the United States Diving Foundation, the judges’ program would not be where it is today. A great big thank you to the United States Diving Foundation for all its support over the years.

At this time, I have decided to take my diving passion in a different direction as I have returned to coaching! It has been a very fun transition.  The judging program, its development and the Commission will be in excellent hands as Amy Kwan has accepted the position of Chair of the Commission. Amy is passionate about neutral judging, so much so that she has started her own state certification for judges in California. She is actively building a neutral judges pool for her state, and it is extremely impressive as to what she has been able to accomplish. I have every confidence that she will continue to grow and build this very important program in our country. Thank you to membership for allowing me to serve diving in this capacity, it has been a great experience. Best of luck to Amy, although she won’t need it!”