American Cup Women's 3-Meter Podium Photo: Alison Gibson (gold, USA), Kristen Hayden (silver, USA), Georgia Sheehan (bronze, AUS)
USA Diving

American Cup Women's 3-Meter Medalists: Alison Gibson (gold, USA), Kristen Hayden (silver, USA), Georgia Sheehan (bronze, AUS)


U.S. Divers Win Three Gold at American Cup

U.S. divers claimed gold in three events at the American Cup, which was held April 26-28 in Indianapolis. U.S. athletes also came away with two silver medals and three bronze medals.

Divers from 13 federations participated.

Alison Gibson won the individual women’s 3-meter gold, and Joshua Hedberg took first in the individual 10-meter event. Andrew Capobianco and Quinn Henninger paired for gold in men’s synchronized 3-meter.

Kristen Hayden joined Gibson on the podium in women’s 3-meter, with Hayden taking the silver. Australia’s Georgia Sheehan won the 3-meter bronze.

The U.S. also won two medals in the individual men’s 10-meter contest. In addition to Hedberg’s gold, the U.S. picked up a bronze from Carson Tyler. Great Britain’s Robbie Lee was second.

Capobianco and Henninger took gold in 3-meter synchro, while Korea’s Minhyuk Kang and Seongho Woo won silver. Alexis Jandard and Jules Bouter of France were third.

Great Britain took the top two spots in the individual men’s 3-meter contest, with Jordan Houlden finishing first and Ross Haslam taking silver. France’s Jandard came away with the bronze. Luke Sitz finished fourth to lead the U.S., and Henninger was 11th.

Australia won a pair of women’s individual 10-meter medals, with Ellie Cole winning gold and Laura Hingston taking bronze. Robyn Birch of Great Britain was second. USA’s Jordan Skilken was fifth, and Sophie McAfee finished 10th.

Cole was also part of the winning women’s synchronized 10-meter team, pairing with Ruby Drogemuller for gold. Emily Halifax and Jade Gillet of France were second, and USA’s Emilie Moore and Kaylee Bishop took bronze.

Ben Cutmore and Euan McCabe of Great Britain won the men’s synchronized 10-meter gold, with silver going to Gary Hunt and Lois Szymczak of France. USA’s Aidan Wang and Luca Fassi were third.

Great Britain also won the women’s synchronized 3-meter contest, with Desharne Bent-Ashmell and Amy Rollinson coming away with the gold. USA’s Carolina Sculti and Anne Fowler were second, and Korea’s Nahyun Kim and Halim Kwon took bronze.

American Cup Men's 10-Meter Medalists: Joshua Hedberg (gold, USA), Robbie Lee (GBR, silver), Carson Tyler (USA, bronze) (Photo by USA Diving)